The 10th International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016

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. The 11th International Meeting on Electrowetting will be chaired by Professor Frieder Mugele in the Netherlands

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Program of Electrowetting 2016
Howard Civil Service International House Taipei

6/19/2016 (Sunday)

17:00 – 18:00
Registration (1F Hotel Lobby)

18:00 – 20:00

Welcome Reception (2F Yuehsiang Restaurant)



6/20/2016 (Monday)

8:00 – 8:30

Registration (1F Conference Room)

8:30 – 9:10


Fundamentals of Electrowetting
Frieder Mugele
University of Twente, The Netherlands
Electrowetting in Practice
Jason Heikenfeld
University of Cincinnati, USA

9:10 – 9:20

Opening Ceremony

9:20 – 9:50

Keynote Speech I

Droplets on Piezo-resistive Strain Sensor
Isao Shimoyama
University of Tokyo, Japan

9:50 – 10:40

Session M1: Wetting/Dewetting

Invited Talk 1 (20 min)
Electrowetting on Conductors
Robert A.W. Dryfe
University of Manchester, UK

Contributed Talk 1, 2 (15 min)
290091: Electrodewetting 
Jia Li and Chang-Jin “CJ” Kim
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
290032: Electrowetting without wetting?
Wan-Lin Hsieh1,2, Kuo-Ching Chen2 and Jason Heikenfeld1
1University of Cincinnati, USA,
2National Taiwan University, Taiwan

10:40 – 11:10

Group Photo & Break

11:10 – 12:00

Session M2: Structured Surface

Invited Talk 2 (20 min)
How to Make Reversible Electrowetting on Geometrically Patterned Surfaces
Thanasis G. Papathanasiou
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Contributed Talks 3, 4 (15 min)
290018: Precise, Affordable, and Scalable Method to Microfabricate Teflon and Its Applications in Superhydrophobic Functional Coating
Chiu-Wing Chan, Yisu Wang, Wanbo Li and Kangning Ren
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China
290069: Large Area Fabrication of Very-High-Aspect-Ratio Whole Teflon Nanostructures by Hot Embossing
Chunlai Zhang, Xiufen Jiang, Xin Zhao and Guangyi Sun
Nankai University, China

12:00 – 14:30

LunchPoster Session P1

14:30 – 15:50

Session M3: Droplet on Open Surface

Invited Talk 3 (20 min)
Multi-mode Electrowetting Actuation Enabled by Polarity Dependent Electrowetting
Nathan Crane
University of South Florida, USA

Contributed Talks 5-8 (15 min)
290066: Flexible single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (SCOEW) devices for light-driven 3D droplet manipulations
Dongyue Jiang and Sung-Yong Park
National University of Singapore, Singapore
290046: Droplet Jumping From Superhydrophobic Surface Using Electrowetting
Zhantao Wang, Dirk van den Ende, Daniel Wijnperle, Rudy Lagraauw and Frieder Mugele
University of Twente, The Netherlands
290015: Three-dimensional Digital Microfluidic Manipulation of Droplets
Jiwoo Hong and Sang Joon Lee
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
290065: Moving Non-wetting Droplets by Electric Field on Dielectric
Xiangyu Fu1, Yage Zhang1, Zhou Liu1,2 and Ho Cheung Shum1,2
1University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2HKU-Shenzhen Institute of Research and Innovation, China

15:50 – 16:20


16:20 – 17:35

Session M4: Saturation

Invited Talk 4-6 (20 min)
Contact Angle Saturation in Light of Repulsion between Charges Trapped on Droplet Surface
Mohamed Abdelgawad
Assiut University, Egypt
Ion Injection Mechanism of Contact Angle Saturation in Electrowetting
Tetsuya Yamamoto1,2, Masao Doi1 and David Andelman3
1Beihang University, China
2Nagoya university, Japan
3Tel Aviv University, Israel
Experimental Validation of Saturation Theories
Stephanie Chevalliot1, Stein Kuiper2 and Jason Heikenfeld3
1Varioptic, France
2Acuity Brands, USA
3University of Cincinnati, USA

Contributed Talks 9 (15 min)
290023: Interface mechanism of discrepancy between AC and DC actuation in electrowetting
Mathieu Maillard, Thibaut Roux-Marchand, Gwenaël Bonfante, Marie-Charlotte Audry, Pascal Kleimann and Arnaud Brioude
University of Lyon, France

17:35 – 18:05

Session M5: Energy

Contributed Talks 10, 11 (15 min)
290030: Mechanical Energy Harvesting Using Combined Reverse Electrowetting and Electromagnetic Method
Iliarys Matos, Tsung-Hsing Hsu, J. Ashley Taylor and Tom Krupenkin
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
290093: Novel applications of electrowetting: Energy and materials processing
Arjang Shahriari, Renee Hale, Katie Carpenter and Vaibhav Bahadur
University of Texas at Austin, USA



6/21/2016 (Tuesday)

8:00 – 8:30

Registration (1F Conference Room)

8:30 – 9:00

Keynote Speech II

A Decade of (Mis-)Adventures with Digital Microfluidics
Aaron Wheeler
University of Toronto, Canada

9:00 – 10:05

Session T1: Lab-on-Chip I

Invited Talk 7 (20 min)
Electrowetting-enhanced Drop Drying for Improved MALDI Mass Spectrometry
Frieder Mugele
University of Twente, The Netherlands

Contributed Talks 12-14 (15 min)
290026: Digitized Radiochemistry on EWOD
Rashed Javed, Supin Chen, Hee-Kwon Kim, Maxim Sergeev, Jack Lei, Chang Jing “CJ” Kim, R. Michael van Dam, Pei Yuin Keng
University of California Los Angeles, USA
290050: Development of Particle Sorting Chips Using Electrowetting on Dielectrics (EWOD) Mechanism
Yuan-Yu Chen, Po-Ting Chen, Ting-Chou Chang, Ching-Te Huang, Shau-Chun Wang and Wen-Hsin Hsieh
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
290092: Microfluidic tools towards automating synthetic biology
Steve Shih
Concordia University, Canada

10:05 – 10:40


10:40 – 12:00

Session T2: Interface

Invited Talk 8 (20 min)
Electrowetting on Liquid-infused Film
Zuankai Wang
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Contributed Talks 15-18 (15 min)
290043: Electrowetting on Dielectrics (EWOD) on Lubricant Infused Slippery Surface: Tuning Velocity & Controlled Coalescence/Non-Coalescence
Jitesh Barman1, Arun Kumar Nagarajan2 and Krishnacharya Khare1
1Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
2Hindustan Unilever Research Center, India
290035: Membrane-Like Water/Oil Soft Interface Sensor
Seungyul Choi, Yejin Lee and Junghoon Lee
Seoul National University, Korea
290055: Capillary Force Actuation for Achieving Large Deflections of an Elastomeric Membrane at Low Voltage
Christina A. Barth1, Samantha L. Mendis1, Michael L. Reed1,2 and Carl R. Knospe1
1 University of Virginia, USA
2Sichuan University, China
290033: Acidic-Oil Enables a Breakthrough in Electrowetting of Liquid Metal Alloys
S. Holcomb1, M. Brothers2, A. Diebold1, D. Mast1, C. Tabor3, M. Dickey4 and J. Heikenfeld1
1University of Cincinnati, USA
2Okeanos Technologies, USA
3Air Force Research Laboratories, USA
4North Caroline State University, USA

12:00 – 14:30

Lunch Poster Session P2

14:30 – 15:55

Session T3: Display/Industrialization

Invited Talk 9, 10 (20 min)
Status and Trends of Electronic Paper
Guofu Zhou
South China Normal University, China
Electrowetting Display with New Architecture
Hans Feil
Etulipa, The Netherlands

Contributed Talks 19-21 (15 min)
290042: Recent development progress of electrowetting display in ITRI
Wei-Yuan Cheng, Ruo-Lan Chang and Yu-Hsiang Tsai
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
290021: Industrialisation of Large Area Electrofluidic Arrays
Robert A. Hayes
South China Normal University, China
290088: Pigment Nanoparticle-Based Electrowetting Display
Chih-Wei Chiu1, Patricia T. C. Lee2 and Jiang-Jen Lin2
1National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
2National Taiwan University, Taiwan

15:55 – 16:25


16:25 – 17:30

Session T4: Dielectrophoresis/Dielectrowetting

Invited Talk 11 (20 min)
Liquid Dielectrophoresis – Wetting and De-wetting, Isotropic and Anisotropic Liquids
Carl V. Brown
Nottingham Trent University, UK

Contributed Talks 22-25 (15 min)
290017: Axisymmetric spreading of drops into films using liquid dielectrophoresis
Zuzana Brabcova1, Glen McHale1, Gary Wells1, Carl Brown2, Michael Newton2 and Andrew Edwards2
1Northumbria University, UK
2Nottingham Trent University, UK
290019: Dewetting dynamics from non-equilibrium dielectrowetted thin film states
Andrew M. J. Edwards1, Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar2, Michael I. Newton1, Carl V. Brown1 and Glen McHale2
1Nottingham Trent University, UK
2Northumbria University, UK
290057: Control of Cheerios effect by Electrowetting and Dielectrowetting
Junqi Yuan and Sung Kwon Cho
University of Pittsburgh, USA
290063: Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis on Paper-based Digital Microfluidic Chip Platform Fabricated with Printing, Cutting and Tapping
Haena Cheong, Heedo Chae, Veasna Soum, Jumi Lee, Oh-Sun Kwon and Kwanwoo Shin
Sogang University, Korea

17:30 – 18:00

Session T5: Lens

Contributed Talks 26-27 (15 min)
290051: Liquid Lenses Tuned by Individually Addressable Electrodes
N. C. Lima1, 2, A. Cavalli2, K. Mishra2 and F. Mugele2
1University of Campinas, Brazil
2University of Twente, The Netherlands
290034: Infrared Electrowetting Lenses and Prisms with Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
Alexander M. Watson, Omkar Supekar, Soraya Terrab and Robert D. Niederriter
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

18:00 – 21:00

Banquet (14F Conference Room)


6/22/2016 (Wednesday)

8:00 – 8:30

Registration (1F Conference Room)

8:30 – 9:00

Keynote Speech III

Commercialization of Electrowetting Systems: Neoprep™
Uichong Yi
Illumina, Inc. USA

9:00 – 10:05

Session W1: Lab-on-Chip II

Invited Talk 12 (20 min)
On-chip Microextraction and Study of Co-flow systems in Electrowetting-on-dielectric Digital Microfluidics
Hyejin Moon
The University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Contributed Talks 28-30 (15 min)
290047: Pixelated Electrowetting Platform for Lab on a Chip Application
Lingling Shui, Shuting Xie, Zhijie Luo, Mingliang Jin and Guofu Zhou
South China Normal University, China
290039: Fully integrated digital microfluidics bioassay platform
Loic Coudron1, Martin McDonnell2, Tim Foat2, Ian Munro1 and Mark Tracey1
1University of Hertfordshire, UK
2Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK
290082: Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Towards Hardware/Software Co-Design and Cyberphysical System Integration
Tsung-Yi Ho
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

10:05 – 10:35


10:35 – 12:10

Session W2: Materials and Fabrication

Invited Talk 13 (20 min)
Improved Electrowetting Effect Allows for High-Performance Micro-/Nano Molding Methods
Jinyou Shao
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Contributed Talks 31-35 (15 min)
290073: In-Vitro Tissue Construction on an Electromicrofluidic Platform
Yi-Ting Lo, Yen-Wen Lu and Shih-Kang Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
290068: Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD) Actuated Liquid Lenses Using Transparent Graphene
Ali Shahini and Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng
Wayne State University, USA
290029: Performance Evaluation of Parylene Based Electrowetting
Haida Li1, Yechang Guo1, Jinliang Zang2, Nuo Xu2 and Wei Wang1
1Peking University, China
2Beijing Institute of Mechanical Equipment, China
290045: Electrowetting without applied voltage using paint-on electrodes
Collin Eaker1, Michael Dickey1, Ishan Joshipura1 and Jason Heikenfeld2
1North Carolina State University, USA
2University of Cincinnati, USA
290025: Impact of thermal ageing treatment on multilayered system used in electro-wetting
Gwenaël Bonfante1, 2, Mathieu Maillard1, Stéphanie Chevalliot2, Bruno Berge2 and Bérangère Toury1
1University of Lyon, France
2Varioptic, France


Conference Adjourns

12:30 – 17:45 ~

Technical Tour



Poster Session P1: Monday (6/20/2016 12:30pm~2:30pm)

290013: Application of CTA Mixed with PLGA as Biocompatible Materials in EWOD Devices
Lei Chao, Zhi Zeng and Jia Zhou
Fudan University, China

290016: Microparticle Fabrication and Digital Microfluidic Manipulation by Electric Field–Induced Droplet Dispensing into Immiscible Fluids
Jiwoo Hong, Taewoong Um, Sang Joon Lee and In Seok Kang
Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea

290020: Influence of Fluoropolymer Insulator Materials on Electrofluidic Display Performance
Hao Wu and Robert A. Hayes
South China Normal University, China

290022: Development of Integrated Micro Selecting and Collecting Device by Using Digital Droplet-Based Electro-wetting on Dielectrics Technique
Yuan-Yu Chen, Po-Ting Chen, Ting-Chou Chang, Ching-Te Huang, Shau-Chun Wang and Wen-Hsin Hsieh
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

290027: Voltage Forced Wetting, Spreading and Wrinkling of a Nematic Layer
Antariksh Saxena1, Philip Baker1, S. Cheung1, M. Goebel3, H. Liang1, N.J. Mottram2, O. Parri3, I.C. Sage1, C. Tsakonas1, R.P. Tuffin3 and C.V. Brown1
1Nottingham Trent University, UK
2University of Strathclyde, UK
3Merck Chemicals Ltd, UK

290036: Effect of Interfacial Electrical Shear Stresses on Hydrodynamic Flows inside Droplets Actuated by Electrowetting on Dielectric
H. A. Ali, W. M. Salman, M. N. Abdelmoez, Mohamed E. Heragy, M. S. Abdelsalam, M. F. F. Eldosoky and M. Abdelgawad Assiut University, Egypt

290041: New Strategies towards the Next Generation of Personal Worn Bio Detector
L.Coudron1, T. Foat2, W. Sellors2, M. Walker2, P. Rachwal2, J. Jones2, D. Despeyroux2, M. McDonnell2, D. McCluskey1, I. Munro1, I. Johnston1, C. Tan1 and M. Tracey1
1University of Hertfordshire, UK
2Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK

290048: An Electrically Tunable Asymmetrical Liquid Lens System for Optical Coherent Tomography
Po-Wei Hu1, Hsien-Lung Ho1, Rung-Ywan Tsai2 and Fan-Gang Tseng1,3
1National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
2Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

290049: Droplet Resonant Oscillation on Incline Plane by using Electrowetting
You-Cheng Wang and Tzong-Shyng Leu
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

290054: High-speed and Low-cost Electrical Characterization of Dynamic Electrowetting-on-dielectric
Xiaoyu Hu1, Christina Barth1, Marcel Mibus1, Giovanni Zangari1, Carl Knospe1 and Michael L. Reed1,2
1University of Virginia, USA
2Sichuan University, China

290058: Digital Microfluidic Stem Cell Niche for the Long Term Culture, Differentiation, and Analysis of Cardiomyocytes as 3D Embryoid Bodies
Brian F. Bender and Robin L. Garrell
University of California, Los Angeles, USA

290077: Ferrofluid Droplet Manipulations on an Electromicrofluidic Platform
Hanlai Chen and Shih-Kang Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

290081: Plasma and Blood Cells Separation with Digital Microfluidics
Jyong-Huei Lee and Shih-Kang Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan



Poster Session P2: Tuesday (6/21/2016 12:30pm~2:30pm)

290037: Energy-based Modeling the Optical Response of Electrofluidic based Display Pixels
Biao Tang1, Qing Zhao1, Min Zhou1, Jan Groenewold1,2, Robert A. Hayes1 & Guofu Zhou1
1South China Normal University, China
2Utrecht University, The Netherlands
290044: Ferrofluid-molding Micro Cones with Anisotropic Wettability
Chen-Yu Huang, Wen-Lin Liu, and Zung-Hang Wei
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

290052: Reversible Actuation of Liquid Metal Droplets in Microfluidic Systems Under Low Voltages
Ishan D. Joshipura, Daehong J. Kim, Alexander N.T. Johnson and Michael D. Dickey
North Carolina State University, USA

290060: Relaxation Dynamics of Locally Actuated Contact Line by DC-Electrowetting
Shubhi Bansal and Prosenjit Sen
Indian Institute of Science, India

290061: Low-cost EWOD Devices using Commercial Aluminum Foil
Meng-Shiue Lee, Cheng-Yeh Hung and Wensyang Hsu
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


290064:     Electromicrofluidic Chip and Electrochemical Sensor Fabricated with Electronic Cutting Plotter
Veasna Soum1, Jutiporn Yukird2, Heedo Chae1, Haena Cheong1, Heeju Kim1, Oh-Sun Kwon1 and Kwanwoo Shin1
1Sogang University, Korea
2Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

290067: A Dip-Coatable, High-Capacitance Ion Gel Dielectric for Low-Cost and Reliable 3D EWOD Applications
Carlos Enrico Clement and Sung-Yong Park
National University of Singapore, Singapore

290071: Protein Crystallization using Electrostatic Actuation Technique
Toru Torii, Takuya Sakuyama and Kyohei Suzuki
The University of Tokyo, Japan

290072: To Improve the Actuation of Bio-related EWOD Device by Modification of the Dielectric Layer and Hydrophobic Layer
Yao-Shien Huang and Da-Jeng Yao
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

290074: Electrowetting Display with Microfluidic Emulsion Technology
Jing-Jhe Gao, Meng-Tsung Chang and Shih-Kang Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

290080: Liquid Pumping between Surfactant Solution Droplets with Electrowetting through High Aspect Ratio Virtual Microchannel
Siang-Lin Wang and Shih-Kang Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

290083: Microcomponent Assembly on an Electromicrofluidic Chip
Yi-Ling Chen and Shih-Kang Fan
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

290085: Printing of PEDOT:PSS for Active Paper-based Digital Microfluidic Chip
Haena Cheong1, Veasna Soum1, Heedo Chae1, Soomin Jo1, Oh-Sun Kwon1 and Kwanwoo Shin1,2
1Sogang University, Korea
2Lab311 Ltd., Korea

290090: Voltage-bias Control on Charge Trapping in Continuous Electrowetting on Dielectric
Arun Banpurkar1, Sandip Wadhai1, Sanam Thakur1 and F. Mugele2
1University of Pune, India
2University of Twente, The Netherlands





International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016