The 10th International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016

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. The 11th International Meeting on Electrowetting will be chaired by Professor Frieder Mugele in the Netherlands

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Poster Award


Poster Award Finalists and Winners:


290027: Voltage Forced Wetting, Spreading and Wrinkling of a Nematic Layer
Antariksh Saxena1, Philip Baker1, S. Cheung1, M. Goebel3, H. Liang1, N.J. Mottram2, O. Parri3, I.C. Sage1, C. Tsakonas1, R.P. Tuffin3 and C.V. Brown1
1Nottingham Trent University, UK 
2University of Strathclyde, UK 
3Merck Chemicals Ltd, UK


290036: Effect of Interfacial Electrical Shear Stresses on Hydrodynamic Flows inside Droplets Actuated by Electrowetting on Dielectric
H. A. Ali, W. M. Salman, M. N. Abdelmoez, Mohamed E. Heragy, M. S. Abdelsalam, M. F. F. Eldosoky and M. Abdelgawad Assiut University, Egypt


290041: New Strategies towards the Next Generation of Personal Worn Bio Detector
L.Coudron1, T. Foat2, W. Sellors2, M. Walker2, P. Rachwal2, J. Jones2, D. Despeyroux2, M. McDonnell2, D. McCluskey1, I. Munro1, I. Johnston1, C. Tan1 and M. Tracey1
1University of Hertfordshire, UK
2Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK


290048: An Electrically Tunable Asymmetrical Liquid Lens System for Optical Coherent Tomography (Awardee)
Po-Wei Hu1, Hsien-Lung Ho1, Rung-Ywan Tsai2 and Fan-Gang Tseng1,3
1National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
2Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan


290037: Energy-based Modeling the Optical Response of Electrofluidic based Display Pixels
Biao Tang1, Qing Zhao1, Min Zhou1, Jan Groenewold1,2, Robert A. Hayes1 & Guofu Zhou1
1South China Normal University, China


290052: Reversible Actuation of Liquid Metal Droplets in Microfluidic Systems under Low Voltages (Awardee)
Ishan D. Joshipura, Daehong J. Kim, Alexander N.T. Johnson and Michael D. Dickey
North Carolina State University, USA


290064: Electromicrofluidic Chip and Electrochemical Sensor Fabricated with Electronic Cutting Plotter (Awardee)
Veasna Soum1, Jutiporn Yukird2, Heedo Chae1, Haena Cheong1, Heeju Kim1, Oh-Sun Kwon1 and Kwanwoo Shin1
1Sogang University, Korea
2Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


290071: Protein Crystallization using Electrostatic Actuation Technique
Toru Torii, Takuya Sakuyama and Kyohei Suzuki
The University of Tokyo, Japan







International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016