The 10th International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016

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. The 11th International Meeting on Electrowetting will be chaired by Professor Frieder Mugele in the Netherlands

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Steering Committee


Conference Chair

Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:FanSK.jpg Prof. Shih-Kang Fan    
National Taiwan University
Department of Mechanical Engineering

International Steering Committee:
Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:bruno-berge-1.jpg Dr. Bruno Berge
Founder/Inventor and CTO

Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:johan2012_bw_tmb.jpg Dr. Johan Feenstra

Director Product & Program Management, Deputy Managing Director 
The Netherlands 

jch Prof. Jason Heikenfeld

Electrical Engin. and Comp. Systems, Materials Sci. and Engin., Biomedical Engin.
University of Cincinnati
United States

cjk Prof. Chang-Jin "CJ" Kim

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles 
United States

Kuiper Dr. Stein Kuiper

Principal R&D Manufacturing Engineer
Acuity Brands, Herndon, United States

Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:EE_Glenmchale_StaffProfile_255.jpg Prof. Glen McHale

Faculty of Engineering & Environment
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
United Kingdom

Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:profdr_f_mugele-1-1.jpg Prof. Frieder Mugele

Department of Science and Technology
University of Twente
The Netherlands

Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:papathanasiou.jpg Prof. Athanasios G. Papathanasiou

School of Chemical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens

Macintosh HD:Users:chenjianyu:Downloads:AJS051202.jpg Dr. Andrew Steckl

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Cincinnati
United States

International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016